The T.W.R. process

Integrated System

The new TWR® system great advantages


Study and realization of rotary hearth and static gasification reactors for chemical, pharmaceutical and municipal waste. The final set up of the new T.W.R. process based on gasification with absolute hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) production.

The application of the new system in comparison with the traditional incineration plants can enable to obtain the following 5 great advantages.

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1 - Drastic reduction of the produced gas volumes

Considerable reduction of the gasification and neutralization plant dimensions. Fed waste being equal, the plant is much more compact so it occupies less space.

2 - Production of hydrogen and production of pure CO2

Production of hydrogen, which is the worldwide cleanest energy vector, and production of pure CO2 with the consequent possibility:

• to produce electric and thermal energy with very high output (fuel cell) without emissions;
• to use hydrogen as propellant for motor vehicles zeroing the pollution.

3 - Realization of small size plants

Realization of small size plants too, assuring anyhow the investment return in acceptable time.

4 - Very low environmental impacting

Very low environmental impacting comparison with the best traditional technologies.

5 - Ashes discharge only in vitrified form

Indeed, the gasification, the syngas neutralization, the reaction of conversion CO+H2O → H2+CO2, CO2 recovery, H2 separation by molecular sieves, are all reactions with ways of performance without uncertainties and with known outputs. The innovation of TWR process is due to the assembly of these technologies and to the building and functional characteristics of the new patented gasification reactor.  The building and management of incineration plants for dangerous waste, provided with special burners working with pure O2 and gasification chambers and pyrolysis have made ECOLOGIA INFORMATICA SRL technical staff to acquire the necessary experience to design and realize the TWR® process.


Development and realization, by its own technicians, of EIPICS (Ecologia Informatica Plant Integral Control System) to manage and to monitor thermal oxidation and gasification continuously, allowing a complete management of critical parameters of any industrial process, especially of gasification and incineration plants of raw materials and waste storage system, able to guarantee a very good safety level with competitive costs.

Integrated System

Design and turn-key realization of an integrated system to incinerate solid, liquid and gaseous waste, with energy recovery, which has been considered innovative on European level.

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