About Us

Founded in 1996, ECOLOGIA INFORMATICA SRL can rely on an over 25 year experience which directly relates to the competence of its staff. This has grown along with the execution both Research & Development and Engineering projects at all levels, performed on behalf of important national and international industrial companies. ECOLOGIA INFORMATICA is the owner of the trademark T.W.R. ® (The Waste Remedy); with this technology we build gasification plant for urban and industrial wastes, with production of high purity Hydrogen and CO2. These gases can be used again in civil and industrial ranges. Overall, with this technology, the target of “no emission” is reached.

Ecologia Informatica

Environment, now than ever, is such a frequent word occurring in many (even every) aspects of daily life: living, food, clothing… wastes. Yes because every side of our life finally leads to an end producing wastes. Just think about the packaging of veggies or the tins of beverage and beans or beauty cream or the plastic of the laundry or… whatever has a beginning has automatically to have an end. And what cannot be recycled has without condition to be disposed. To get a new rebirth in our life.

Ecologia Informatica’s aim is wastes disposal with energy recovery to be used to better life.
It is necessary the realization of a modern wastes management system able to solve the many-sided problems of energy and environment.
The answer to the problem is energy recover from wastes. Incineration technology has made a lot of progress in this direction. It has followed the changing of themes from “energy saving” to ” energy creation”. If the starting point was to incinerate waste successfully without generating secondary pollution, nowadays it is also to create electricity by using wastes as fuel.

It is a technology that allows economic and responsible management of energy and that can replace costly and increasingly conventional scarce fuels with waste materials.

Waste Disposal

Energy Recovery

New energy creation

Waste Problem Solving

The plants designed and built by our technologies can be fed with the following waste typologies:

  • MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) or RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)
  • Solid, liquid and muddy industrial waste
  • Hospital waste
  • Dangerous, toxic liquid and solid waste
  • Waste containing PCB and other chlorinated substances